Why We Gather

Too many misunderstand why we long to gather.

1. Biblically, (Hebrews 10), we are commanded to gather.

2. Gathering for worship, teaching and fellowship brings synergy and efficiency to all three.

3. Being visible makes us accountable to other believers. We might present a different face online than what is perceived in person. Also, there is nothing like seeing each other to open our eyes to someone needing encouragement. We can lie online, but it's harder to do in person. It also helps keep our leadership accountable as we are all hearing the same message.

4. Most pastors are very willing to follow CDC guidelines. Even before the lockdown, our leadership ditched the greeting time. (And all the introverts cried, “Amen!")

5. Amendment I

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…."

So even though the 10th amendment gives power to the states to regulate what isn't given to the federal government, the states have no right to prohibit the free exercise of religion.

6. We’re family. I miss you.

mrfb 5/23/20

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