A Word From an Old Vermonter

I was an LPN working nights at Fanny Allen, a small hospital.

[For those of you in Vermont, this was before the merger when they took the Mary Fletcher and the Fanny Allen hospitals to create Fletcher Allen. Yes, they took two women's names and made a man's name! People have asked me who "Fletcher Allen" was.]

In any case, I had left my love of dementia care to work in the hospital to brush up my skills: I had enrolled to get my Registered Nurse degree. During that time, I had a few patients that will always hold a special place in my heart.

I think back to one, an old Vermonter who had been in the Vermont legislature. He told me that in his day, it didn't matter whether you were a Democrat or a Republican. When you put out your lawn sign, your neighbors all voted for you because they knew you and trusted you.

That was decades ago. May it still be true today.



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